We’re Back

I’ve been awake since 5am. Later tonight will be the first gig I curated after the pandemic. Did I wake up anxious? Yes. Nervous? Yes. Worried? Yes. But despite these brewing mix of anxiety, worry, and overthinking, I feel really good about tonight.

Before I decided to jump back in and produce this show, I consulted an accredited Safety Officer how many tickets to sell. I followed his advise and sell 120 tickets — all of which were SOLD OUT.

Saturday the week prior, I went to saGuijo to show my support to the first prod who curated a show and to also talk to Ms. Tina, the bar’s caretaker. I’m a little bit anxious because the headcount at last week’s gig, they shared, was 80 guests and the space was PACKED. Currently chatting with my trusted Safety Officer and assured me that I need not to worry because one, we are on Alert 1 meaning full capacity is ok, and two we have protocols in place like temperature check and vaccination cards before entry and recommending wearing face masks at all times. Plus friends keep on assuring me that people missed being at gigs and they are more into watching the bands and less worrying about how many people are in attendance.

saGuijo, March 20, 2022

Two years without experiencing in-person live show like I used to experience for almost 12 years of my life puts one in this unexplainable funk. Part of me have been restless the past two years, and being back at it again is overwhelming. A lot changed the past two years with my personal and professional life. But little parts of me was left at these venues I used to connect with people and the music. Part of me was lost and is now back.

Got my camera fully charged, ready to document the night.

Next entry, there will be more pictures.

Cover photo by Favour Ajah.