Shows Are Defo Back

April 9 was the first gig. There was a draft post bearing the same title since three days after that momentous comeback gig but I never got to finish writing it. The plan was to pen a thank you post for all the people who supported and made Indie Manila’s first physical show a success. But for some reason, things kept piling up leaving me not finishing the entry

I’ve curated and organized a total of five shows after that and one thing’s for sure — I FEEL ALIVE.

The pandemic really hit the local live music community. It’s good that it’s back but the past two years brought a lot of monumental changes. A lot of the venues that the bands and prods used to flock and play got shut down, though there are new and not so new ones that are slowly becoming home to most of us.

Gate fee, from 300 pesos, is now 500 pesos minimum. It was a scary yet challenging move for Indie Manila, and for sure with other productions, to raise the price. Thankfully, the indie community embraced the new fee by having most shows sold out. It is a huge step as most of the audience are college kids with monthly allowances from their parents as their only source of money.

The Philippines is I think far from declaring endemic that’s why protocols must still be in place every show. I invested in a temperature scanner and would always require vaccination cards from every attendee. Indoor venues, like saGuijo for example, I’d always remind and highly recommend for people inside the bar to wear their masks for precaution.

Indie Manila has two shows coming up this month. Two more shows before the country officially shifts to a new administration. Every gig I’ve curated and have been, people would always mention the impending doom for these shows. That another lockdown will be imposed and this warmth of live shows will be taken away again.

We could only hope for the best.