Sometimes, grand ideas can be a reality with simple executions. I remember the very first time One Click Straight pitched what they envisioned as the music video for their song Lilo. With much enthusiasm and cinematic ideas, my first thought was how the hell are we going to make these scenes happen. You see, it’s action-packed – it has to have a Mafia Lord, a formidable vixen, a getaway car, some guns, and a lot of (but not gory level) blood.

The song is aimed at cheaters. And if you look up the meaning of the song title, LILO is a Tagalog word for unfaithfulness and trustworthiness. I thought the word, despite its negative meaning, was beautiful. The lyrics of the song were pretty straightforward and unpretentious.

Bakit ba palaging ganito?

Sabihin mo na sana’ng totoo

May kasamang iba

LILO by One Click Straight

After months of brainstorming and finding the right production to give life to the band’s vision, One Click Straight was joined by influencer and comedian Albert Nicolas a.k.a. Asian Cutie and model Jach Manere for Lilo’s music video. The Mafia vibe was definitely achieved as well as the right amount of thrill that makes it worthy of replays.