Of Ghosts and Brains

Self-discipline is one of the hardest thing to navigate these days. Numerous times during this two-year pandemic I told myself I am going to write more but never did. There are moments I regret not writing my thoughts down. But then I will ask myself what I would write about? The ridiculous and lingering thought lasted two years.

It must be the phenomena many call as mental fog or pandemic brain. The inability to concentrate on a task and forgetting to do things. Or maybe the sudden shift of jobs.

To me it’s just plain fear. Fear of being one with my thoughts. Funny at times I find myself forming thoughts in my head, then the desire to write it down, the desire getting stronger as time passes by — but then fear creeps in.

I’ve always shared this wisdom my mother would say, but I myself is guilty of doing.

Stop creating your own ghosts.

my mother

The ghost is me. The ghosts are my thoughts. All I need to do is to embrace them, ponder and learn from them.

To build this website, I had to give up Indie Manila’s website. Maintaining two websites is a lot so I had to let go of one. I’d also would like to write about my thoughts not only about music but other things that I find interesting and challenging. What books I am reading? How many popcorns will I give a certain movie? Tips on things I can share some knowledge on.

For years, I’ve concentrated on just sharing about Music. Not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. But I also would like and have to write my thoughts on other stuff that I forget is also a part of who I am.